Law Vs Chaos

"The Icy Citadel"

Francois and Aulduviir set outwards to complete their quest by obtaining a reagent in the garden of Magben. upon exiting the underwater tombs, they came across an ice bridge, where below chaos raiders and the lawful defenders of the city fought it out. jumping off the ice bridge and assaulting the boatman/leader/mage of the lawless reaver ship, the ship lost control and collided with the icy fjords the Defenders of Magben Resided on…. Aulduviir fought off at least eight Reavers and killed many, but alas succumbed to an untimely nap. while Francois and two Defenders finished off the Boat leader. upon awaking to a pair of guards who where rather at odds with whom their great rescuers were, Aulduviir lied and told them Francois and he were the king’s royal “hands” on a secret mission for the king’s aphrodisiac’s and that they weren’t on the register because “we technically don’t exist”. they gave Auld and Francois the password of the day that let’s us enter the City of Magben, and so off the went. they got in with no hassle, but upon entering the gardens, they were besieged by a giant wormlike ice creature.



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