Law Vs Chaos

The AntiPaladin, the witch and the Ninja

Calamity summary

Lost in the underwater tunnels leading to Magben. Francois and Aulduviir encounter the witch Calamity. Who is the guardian of the chaos cubes. The two enter into a mutual protection. With brute stregth, powerful magic and cunning finess the three battle a small army of zombies. Reaching the entrance to Magben they encounter its guardian a masive zombie that belches insects. A climatic battle eroupts and Aldovir nearly loses his life. While the Anti-Paladin is asaulted his companions flank and the pitched battle turns towards the living. As the monster dies in a pool of putrid bial. Calamity begins arciving the loot that the halfling and human bring her. Francois listens patiently or not interested as he keeps a weary eye on the island. Aulduviir ignors the witches warning about chaos items. Taking one ion stone with un-natural attachment.

while Calamity and Francois are discussing what could be done about the huge chaos cube, Aulduviir begins the smashing small minitureze city proteced by some type of force field. Many little people moving around inside the city are crushed as buildings colaps. Calamity turns and her countonance takes on a horific gleen her voice fills with teribble malevolance. “Do not destory the unique magics of the sphere faithless Human or face my eternal wrath. The souls within are mine! You are now in my dept Paladin…”


More often than not, Aulduviir is the most clever, amazing and strongly determined sentient on the face of Pangoria. His leadership and Ustalavic cunning never seem to dwindle even in the most dimmest of times. yes: I, the great Aulduviir who guided the young boy Francois through the dark and Blighted halls of this hellish Island and into the dangers of yet another. I figured this duo would have the great glory of slaying the dead once again and reclaiming the lost treasures of this forsaken place for ourselves.
Unfortunately fate is a cruel mistress who grabs you by the bullocks only to reveal to you later that she is in fact a man… yes Calamity, a Great Calamity befudled and disintegrated our once great duo by grafting her snake oily paws unto our friendship creating a Triumvirate of dull and carefullness


taveling through tunnels slaying a great many a corpse, we made our way into a room, full of deceased people and a small metropolis of microbial bacteria. Oh!- and a bloated corpse…. this corpse was a deciduous thing, spat wisps of maggots and loved to wrestle. Calamity the “expert” knew nothing todo exept summon a lapdog, to yap. Francois knew not what to- but how could he? that poor boy was traumatized and perhaps longing for home and second breakfast in his nice orphanage someplace where glory was only sung about… any I reaalised that if he reuptakes those wisps, I’d be hurting soon and the snake oil doctor almost out of torch distance. So what I: the Revered and Maimed Aulduviir did was attempt to stop him from inhaling or exhaling maggots the size of me fist- by severing his jaw, punctering his diaphram, other methods of great ingenuity.


it was going all according to plan untill the witch immolated him and he began to assault and flail utop of me. to flaming men near death in a passionate wrestle for life. But in the end the Bloated corpse succumbed and I was left unstified, being that Calamity got to fish him off…


so many typos so little proofreading


OOC: Calamity can make any potions for spells 3rd level or lower. I can even attempt to make potions without the exact ingredient’s. just raises my DC. If I fail DC materials are lost. So let me know what you guys need or would like and I can roll the checks with DM prior to next game.


OOC: Calamity can even make them into tattoo potions. How that works is you drink the potion right after I make them and the magic turns into a tattoo some where you can read it. Treated as a scroll for activation. Once used the tattoo vanishes when magic is consumed.


A spell tattoo is essentially a wearable scroll inscribed on flesh instead of on parchment or vellum. These tattoos appear as colorful and intricate patterns rather than magical writing. The tattoo is a silent, spell completion item that only the bearer can activate. It vanishes when activated. A spell tattoo must be visible to the bearer and must be touched as part of its activation. These magical tattoos are not normally placed on the head, neck, or back as a result, since most creatures would require mirrors to activate them. A spell tattoo’s aura and caster level varies as per the scroll it emulates. A spell tattoo has a market price four times as much as an equivalent scroll.


Calamity informs her companions that when she casts her protective spell it grants +2 AC and +2 all saves until you are hit or fail a save. She can cast it unlimited times per day and there is no duration. I always know when it is broken and can reapply it as a standard action. No limit on how far away from me. (Please keep track of this bonus so DM doesn’t need too)


OOC: loot is listed! I placed names next too what I figure works best for player based on class/item needs. Lets skype today and hash loot out, level if needed. For future success we need to be balanced or the chaos items will destroy you! Then I would be forced to find a new son and minion. Don’t in convince the witch!


Calamity tries everything in her vast arsenal of powers to shrink the huge chaos cube or seal its power. (Try to keep it from radiating chaos) “My boy, maimed one. Drag all the undead into a pile and burn the body’s to ash. Do this at least 1000ft from the cube. We don’t want them standing back up. Maimed one practice burning them with you’re new weapon. DON’T burn my son being an idiot! If you desire any magic requiring negative energy save one zombie finger per spell/potion it’s a spell component. Take this vial and fill it with zombie ashes. It can be used later or sold as a component for more powerful magics.”


Calamity ensures all chaos items are fully charged by the cube before we leave if I don’t have results. Then perform my obedience while companions burn corpses.


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